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Vermiculite Insulation Removal Services for Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert

      Vermiculite insulation was used in the 40’s right up to the 70’s for insulation in homes and commercial structures. This product needs to be treated carefully as its cross-contaminated with a particularly nasty type of asbestos called Tremolite or Actinolite and it’s made airborne extremely easily. Because of its lightweight, short and needle-like structure, it easily passes by our natural defences and seats itself deep within the lung. I encourage you read more about this in our “Articles” link on our Home Page because of all the forms of asbestos used in the home, this one poses the greatest risk to our health by far when it’s disturbed. We offer complete vermiculite insulation removal services in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert.

      Vermiculite is one of the few materials a Home Inspector should be able to visually identify when you are buying a house but if you’re looking in your own attic for it, it looks like kitty litter and is often a mix of brown/gold/white. It’s still very common to find in houses either on its own or even under another layer of insulation from a previous renovation but in any case, it needs t be treated with a special respect and its recommended it be professionally removed as soon as possible.

      We at Assured Industries have invested heavily in the development of specific work procedures and specialized equipment just for this delicate type of removal. Utilizing 25 years of experience removing this material, we have sourced the latest technologies in some of the best safety equipment on the market. We also have a very large HEPA vacuum system that removes the material with very little disturbance directly to the outdoor environment to be safely disposed of.

 We want you to be ASSURED that the very latest in safe removal is being used by a crew who know how how to use it.

Need to Get Vermiculite Insulation Removed?

Get in touch with our team to remove the harmful material safely.

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