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Compliant Asbestos Removal Services in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert

      You’re ready to build your dream and suddenly, the word “Asbestos” comes up. You’ve planned the new wall layout, the new flooring, those big beautiful windows and finally getting rid of that dated textured ceiling in your pre 1990 home when your Contractor says, “We need to test for asbestos before we can demo.” 

      That phrase takes your breath away because what do you mean asbestos, it’s in my home? What many folks don’t realize is that asbestos was used in 3500 different building materials and to be honest, for good reason. Asbestos is waterproof, fireproof, chemical proof, is an amazing binding agent for adhesives and compounds, it has a higher tensile strength than steel and most importantly It was incredibly cheap. No wonder it was used so prevalently, and every alternative today is our best attempt to copy its natural attributes.

      You see, it was with good intention it was used to build with, but they just weren’t thinking in terms of, “What do we do with it when we want to take it out?” This is where Assured Industries can help you complete that demo successfully and compliantly. We work with you and your Contractor to clearly lay out the parameters of your dream so that the asbestos can be removed and transported to an appropriate waste handling facility as per all WorkSafeBC and Environment BC regulations seamlessly. Contact us for prompt asbestos removal services in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert.

 All those involved in you project can rest ASSURED we have the experience, training and working knowledge to get you through this safely.

Safe Removal and Disposal of Asbestos

Let us remove asbestos from your property so that your house can become free from toxic materials before renovation or rebuilding.

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