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Limiting and Controlling Mold Growth in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert

     The sky is not falling if you find mold in your home… It’s a natural organism that is everywhere in one form or another and you don’t drop dead when you step in the forest do you? We’ve written a more comprehensive article about the development of mold and the ways to mitigate it in our “Articles” link on the Home Page and we encourage you to take a look as it really dives into it in an easy to follow way. Assured Industries is adept at providing professional mold removal services in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert.

      The most common places we’ll see large areas of mold growth are after a water damage that wasn’t professionally remediated and in attics due to the build up of water vapour/condensation on the constant temperature fluctuating uninsulated roof sheeting. Both of these are manageable and by using instrumentation we can establish not only the concentration of mold spores, what type but also the extent of the infestation.

      Mold isn’t good for you but it needs to be tempered with the reality of it, the healthy person is going to feel a scratchy throat and with long term exposure to copious amounts, may exhibit cold like symptoms. Someone with asthma, allergies or a sensitivity to it will usually react fairly quickly to the exposure and with enhanced symptoms. In both cases, once the mold is either remediated or the person is removed from the environment they recover quite quickly. The case of hidden water damage within the living environment can be more problematic for your health because the spores are directly released into the indoor air quality where the mold in your attic doesn’t share the same direct connection to the air you breathe in the home because it’s ventilated outside and sealed away from the interior with a hatch.

      The main issue with mold is structural because it causes dry rot that interrupts the structural integrity of load supporting components or the building envelope keeping that ‘Northwest Weather” out. There are several ways to deal with mold depending on the extent of the infestation, its location and the overall goals the client have. Not every remediation means tearing your home apart. In cases where the damage was caught in time, we can often treat it with a step based procedure that includes sanding with HEPA equipped tools, antimicrobials and mold inhibiting paints until a future replacement or planned renovation can deal with it in a more comprehensive manner.

      There are two types of remediation, “removal” and “limiting and controlling microbial growth”. The first is simply that, we cut out anything that the mold is on to at least 2 feet past the infestation so the materials can be replaced and the latter is an effort to minimize and control it as a management plan. Both have their place in supporting the goals of the customer.

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