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Environmentally conscious Demolition for kitimat, terrace, and Prince Rupert

      Demolition comes in a few forms and doesn’t always involve a wrecking-ball or an army of folks swing sledge hammers… After 25 years taking structures apart in one fashion or another, you can be ASSURED that your demolition work will be done carefully, systematically and in a safe manner. Assured Industries’ demolition services are available for properties in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert. Some of the steps involved are defining the scope of the demolition, the identification of hazardous materials or utility service locations (when applicable), removal of hazardous materials, demolition, sorting recyclables, transport of wastes and site management to present a clean site that isn’t spilling outward or diminishing a neighbourhood’s image all while navigating complex regulation. These are the main types of demolition services we offer:

  • Selective Demolition – You’re planning to renovate a bathroom, kitchen or small area of your home where you’d like to keep the disturbance to a minimum, effective site protection and dust controls or you even want to remove things in a way they can be seamlessly reinstalled.

  • Large Renovation – This is where you probably aren’t living there (or you are crazy for trying) because this usually means removal of everything right back to the structural components while leaving the envelope intact so a large-scale renovation can take place.

  • Full Demolition – MAKE A HOLE!!! It’s what it sounds like, we bring an excavator in and after the structure goes through the identification and removal of hazardous wastes, the place gets destroyed… In these you’ll see wetting to minimize dusts from the demolition, the house being crushed down, metal/assorted recyclables being separated and concrete prepared for recycling. Then the trucks come and we all wave a big goodbye to the house as it heads down the road.

 No matter the type of demolition, you can be ASSURED, we’ll do it with professionalism, compliance, respect for neighbors and cleanliness.

Complete Demolition Services

We provide demolition services safely and efficiently on construction sites.

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