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Accurate Hazardous material identification for the northwest

      As per WorkSafeBC Regulation 20.112, before any demolition work can commence in the Province of BC, a Hazardous Materials Inventory (HMI) must be preformed by a qualified person and be available in writing to ensure worker protection. So what this means is that a person or contractor in charge or directing workers is responsible for identifying all asbestos, lead based coatings, silica, PCB’s and other related hazardous materials that could possibly be disturbed prior to commencement of work. This document is to be available for all workers to review and refer to throughout the job as per regulation.

      The importance of this to the Homeowner, is because if we need to protect the worker with such stringent regulation, you also need to be protected in the same way. Starting a renovation without knowing what’s in the materials, where they start/stop and what risk they pose, could not only expose workers but yourself or your family as well to a potentially dangerous substance because you didn’t know it was there… Hazardous materials can have long-term, permanent, or even fatal effects and need to be identified in a way that’s clear and easily referenced.

      We at Assured Industries support this by making available a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Inventory from a third party who acts without conflict in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert. They will sampleall suspect materials, test through accepted analytical means, identify areas of concern with clear communication to where the hazard starts and stops, quantify the amount of material that exists and apply risk to the associated materials.

 Unless you have been ASSURED your hazardous materials are properly identified, don’t start the work.

Get Quick Services for Hazardous Materials Identification

Assured Industries will ensure you receive prompt hazardous material removal service in Kitimat.

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