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      Assured Industries is the “Swan Song” of a 25+ year career in hazmat and disaster services. We wanted to take an enormous amount of experience, training, being actively involved in the evolution of an industry and marry it all together into “our work of art”.

      My career began in 1994 as a carpet cleaner in Cranbrook BC but when 5 feet of snow melted in a week, we had whole streets of homes flooded out. There weren’t the big restoration firms in these towns like you see now so us carpet cleaners all had to rise to the occasion and we went out doing all we could do to help. It was here the passion that would start a career was born but for me to grow I needed to leave the confines of that sweet little town and head to the big city on a quest for the new knowledge I would need.

      Up to this point, construction companies were the dominant force in the restoration world as they would cut out pretty much everything that got wet and rebuild, but there was a new movement beginning to save structures from massive demos and a new organization called the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC) began filling the gap with the relatively new concept of “structural drying and decontamination” that’s prevalent today. I dove into every course there was and a few years later, I held three master’s tickets and was the youngest Master Restorer in the country.

      The industry was evolving and I got to be right there at the forefront of it, armed with the latest thinking and technologies, we applied our knowledge to drying structures without large scale demolition, all while successfully managing microbial growth in the living environment. The new approach was a huge success and made way for the industry as we know it today with its large national companies and schools dedicated imparting this critical knowledge to the generations that followed.

      It was a few years later when in a staff meeting at a large company I worked at, a manager stepped up and asked if any of us knew there was potentially asbestos in houses? We all looked at each other in horror and said a resounding NO as we all thought that asbestos was an industrial thing and why would it be in houses? But the very first test we did, there it was…. So, the same manger steps in again and asks for volunteers to begin a Hazmat Division, I guess I was slow on the draw and everyone stepped back leaving me there standing out as the “volunteer”. Who knew that in that very moment, I would once again be forefront of a new industry. There were industrial companies at the time removing asbestos but none worked in the residential sector, so we began filling the service need to protect workers and clients from this newly discovered threat that was being found in houses. And once again, the quest for expert-based knowledge began so we could understand how to work in this hazardous and heavily regulated industry safely.

      Many years later and courses ranging from moderate & high-risk procedures, asbestos site supervision to eventually becoming an Asbestos Building Inspector put me in the unique position of being not only multi-faceted but experienced from the ground up in all areas of disaster services and hazmat. But what to do with all that? I’ve been everything from labour to operations management and all points between, but it was always about playing a tune someone else wrote, I wanted my own song…

      My partner and I were living in Kamloops and wanting to make a lifestyle change from the pace of the city, the smoke from relentless fire seasons and the barren landscapes, when one evening he looked at me in the eyes and said a single word, “Kitimat”. He showed me pictures, he talked about all that’s going on there and how we could resume our love of fishing, camping and outdoor food all nestled in a comforting small town feel. I realized then, he’s been quietly thinking about this for quite a while and so begins a new adventure.

      We came up on a scouting trip and everything we thought it would be was true. The scenery was indescribably beautiful, every single person we met was so welcoming and the businesses we visited took me back to a time I thought was long gone. Folks were excited at the prospect we’d move up and they freely shared all things Kitimat with us (including how good the fishing was). Before we left, Allan looks at me and says, “Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t come here?” I couldn’t think of one single reason and the plan began, but what would I do here? After all there wasn’t a dedicated hazmat company in or around Kitimat that I would traditionally work for, so was it finally time to write that song? The answer was YES, it was time…

      A few months later we were pulling into Kitimat with a moving truck for the greatest adventure of our lives and for me to begin setting up a new dedicated hazardous materials removal company. We’ve made many new friends here and gained so much support from so many great people as we adapted to becoming Kitimatians, all while embracing the relaxed northwest lifestyle this area is blessed with.

      Since coming here, we’ve developed a deep love for our new home and with that love, we want to build a business that has the same care and passion for community that all those folks we met have and that made us want to be here. We want a business that folks talk about and trust as local professionals who actively participate in the community. We will eat together, we will shop together and we will share in the spirit of this community together so it’s paramount that the business reflect the importance of this relationship, social conduct and in the ethics we hold in every project we do.


                                Rest ASSURED, we’re here to stay and we want to be part of this community’s positive growth in all that we do.


Thank You,

Brianne McGowin



Owner and Operations Manager

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